"Welcome home"

Occasionally, a community has the ability to make a person feel comfortable immediately upon arrival in its town limits. It is hard to say what causes this phenomenon. Perhaps it's the image of carefully tended flowers around a much-loved gazebo in the Village Park that renders this instant "at home" feeling. Then again, perhaps it's the way a local takes the time to give a lost traveler directions, treating him more like a not-yet-introduced friend rather than a never-to-be-seen-again-stranger.
Camden, New York is one of those special places.

Blessed with a bounty of woodlands and streams whose beauty changes with the seasons, and with the Victorian charm of its many historic homes, Camden has delighted its visitors for generations. But Camden's appeal is more than just its architecture and rustic grace. It's something deeper. Whether it's the Harvest Festival in the Fall or the Pioneer Days celebration in the Summer, Camden is about community. About sharing. About neighbors joining neighbors in the celebration of life.Perhaps that is why anyone who visits Camden feels as though they have come home.Visit Camden here on the web or in person, and we're sure you'll feel her warmth.

Settled in 1796,   Village Population - 2552,   Town Population - 5134,   Total Student Population - 2981

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